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Vendor Consolidation Program
The Software Folks Vendor Consolidation Program is a comprehensive, web-based scalable software program to acquire, manage and streamline contingent staffing services.

Lack of staffing consistency especially across multiple locations, escalating staffing costs, inconsistent bill rates, contract terms and tracking of vendor performances are key concerns for clients today.

Software Folks extends its customer-centric philosophy to help clients meet these new challenges posed by the labor market. Based on a review of the client's current business environment, our operating teams draft a road map for an optimal long-term strategy for clients as they progress through their HR initiative..

Key Program Elements:

Comprehensive, Web-based Scalable Software Program
Software Folks Inc.
Software Folks Inc. Supported by qualified process executives, our Vendor Consolidation Program allows companies to streamline processes and reduce administrative costs.
Software Folks Inc.
Software Folks Inc. Consolidation enables clients to work out favorable long term deals with fewer vendors and thereby drive volume discounts for consistent business.
Software Folks Inc.
Software Folks Inc. In a tight talent market, it enables clients and vendors to establish better partnerships and mutuality of interests.
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